About the Trust

The Mission

The mission of the Ewan Clinton Trust is to keep the memory of Kendra alive in our hearts and minds.  The Trust'primary source of income will come from the sale of high-quality reproductions of Kendra's artwork.  All of the profits from these sales will be set aside for Kendra's son, Ewan.  In addition, the Trust hopes to partner with other organizations to inspire young people to recognize and share their artistic talents.  

How the Profits Will be Distributed:

The money raised by the trust will be used to:

  • Establish a 529 College Fund for Ewan
  • Pay for Child Care for Ewan
  • Provide Ewan with a secure trust at age 25

The Collection

Far too few had the opportunity to experience Kendra's artistic gift before her passing.  In addition to her loving husband and beautiful son, she left behind a collection of paintings and sketches that are a beautiful reminder of her talents, her passion and her generosity.

The Funds

The Ewan Clinton Trust offers a three-tiered support plan.  Depending on the tier you choose, the trust will earn a profit of between $13 per print (for a 10X8 at the Friend tier) all the way to a profit of $473 (for a 20X16 at the Founding Partner tier).  Regardless of the tier you choose, 100% of the profit goes to Kendras son, Ewan.  

The Trustees

The Ewan Clinton Trust is run by Kate Van Dam and Ellen Tolan.   Kate and Ellen met Kendra at Bishop Fenwick in 1985 and have been missing her terribly since she passed.  

The Generosity of Volunteers

The Ewan Clinton Trust would like to thank Mark Kornitsky, LLP for creating the legal documents needed to launch the trust as well as volunteers Kim Feeney Zollo, CFP who will invest the profits and Jim DeBiasi, CPA who will handle the tax planning for the trust.  We are also grateful to Sheila McKee and Irene and Andrew Berry who refined the digital files of Kendras artwork to ensure we can provide supporters with the highest quality prints possible.  We also want to thank Kelly and Paul Bilodeau for being a resource for vendors and for undertaking the challenging task of editing our website.   None of these amazing people knew Kendra before she passed away.  Their kindness to volunteer their services is much appreciated and admired.   

       To Contact the Trust:  Ewan Clinton Trust / 40 Atlantic Road / Swampscott, MA 01907   Or    kate@ewanclintontrust.org